Press on the Book of Poems

“Words on the Street {calls upon} us to wake up, pay attention, and perceive the new complexity, hyperreality, surreality, and absurdity of life. It is a book for our times that is simultaneously raw, disturbing, sublimely beautiful, and haunting.” — Krysia Jopek, Diaphanous

“Rabinowitz scatters lines across the ever-turning pages and dares you to follow. VERDICT For all rebels at heart.”Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal

“Words on the Street carries the issue of human guilt and conscience into a new register… Recent political events resonate through these pages even though the pages were printed before the events.”  —Bin Ramke, Denver Quarterly

Press on previous works by the artists

On video designer Lianne Arnold

“Projections by Lianne Arnold (some historical, some hallucinatory) are entrancing.” – Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times

“Incorporates state-of-the-art video, projections, and sound techniques that enhance the scenes. These carefully crafted special effects make the show especially captivating.” – Marina Kennedy, Broadway World

“The projection design is so engaging that the walls feel like a second performer. The projections move with the actor in such taut choreography that they feel almost human.” – Rick Chason, American Theater Web

On composer Matt Marks

“Cheerily seductive … crafty juxtapositions, clashes and transformations…”

— Steve Smith, The New York Times

“The instrumental writing burst with color. There is, I think, no fighting this music.”
— Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

On director Kristin Marting

 “A sleekly designed immersive show.” – Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times 

“Director and choreographer Kristin Marting masterfully coordinates everything into a spectacle with sensational movement and dance.” –

“With its visual and aural onslaught, SOUNDING is a feast for the senses.”— Pamela Newton, TimeOut New York